IWEAPONS® VIP Concealable Waist Coat Suit Body Armour IIIA 3A

IWEAPONS® VIP Concealable Waist Coat Suit Body Armour IIIA

Every spy and undercover agent needs one of these sharp waistcoats for protection, and when you need to use it indoors or outdoors, this bulletproof waistcoat can be used as it is or under additional clothes. Alone or with other clothes this product allows you to be protected with style. This stylish vest is a unique design for a bulletproof protective vest and can be worn with a suit for cold weather. This professional design allows this product to be worn to high society events.

When you need ballistic protection with style, this product comes to mind as it’s a high-end tailored vest. Made to compliment several suit styles, the undercover waistcoat is a great addition to the professional wardrobe of a high-class bodyguard, or anyone else who needs protection.

For style and protection, this waistcoat with bulletproof protection, all in one great design by the Israeli Weapons Division. You never know when you may need to add a little protection to your wardrobe, and important officials as well as civilians can benefit greatly from a vest that offers to protect so well while having such a unique concealed design. The NIJ 3A rating of this vest is an NIJ IIIA, and provides maximum coverage with style.

Size Chart Bulletproof Vest

Sizes Available (for 4XL and larger contact us)
Accuracy 10% for Standard Models (Other models 15%)
A: Height – Neck
37 cm
B: Height – Shoulder
43 cm
C: Width – Chest
35 cm
D: Width – Waist
44 cm
47 cm
50 cm
53 cm
56 cm
60 cm
64 cm
Weight (Standard Models)
Less than 3KG
3KG or more
III-A (3A)
Free Worldwide Shipping (with Tracking Number)

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