IWEAPONS® Bullet Proof Ultra Light Ballistic Sapi Plates Level III 3

IWEAPONS® Bullet Proof Ultra Light Ballistic Sapi Plates Level III/3 NIJ

These armor plates are the best in body armor protect your back from debris and ballistics. Highly rated by the NIJ in standards and ballistic specifications, these plates are tested in the field and receive the best ratings with the most accuracy in the industry. When you strap on your protective gear, you have peace of mind in knowing that Israeli Weapons has got you covered with a quality and tested piece of body armor. When you are in the field you can rely on your body armor to keep you safe. This is a high-grade body armor and the lll rating also covers high-caliber weaponry and semi-automatic rounds such as those from an AK-47.

We also offer stand-alone plates work great and are very effective while the standard plates match the NIJ lll/3 vests and can be used in accordance with other pieces of body armor. We offer a superior plate in body armor needs. It deflects bullets and debris from causing bodily harm.

  1. Tyler says

    I am a security guard and there times when I think that maybe it is time to upgrade my protection, after accident when some one was shot several months ago, not far from here. This armor plates sounds like a good idea, maybe I should give them a chance. I know it will help my wife to sleep better.

  2. Bonnie says

    My boyfriend works as an undercover agent and I always worry. I think i am definitely going to tell him to wear something similar.

  3. Jackson says

    Being a security guard at night, I know the importance of safety. But i prefer to use my money for anti-stab protection.

  4. Shepherd says

    Wearing this extra weight, if not needed just waist if money and effort. I suggest to buy this for military usage if you do receive a good bulletproof vest from the army.

  5. William says

    I agree with people who wrote that for most of people this just waist of money. I would never use them unless there WW3 LOL.

    • Jill says

      I don’t see any harm for having them around, if you found them on cheap like on ebay. If you store them right, they will be as new for many years, even for WW3 :)

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