Stab Resistant / Knife-Proof Vests

Stab Resistant Vests

Currently, people who work in risky profession like the police officers, prison officers, and other law enforcers face a high risk of attack. If you work in a high-risk profession, it is advisable to have a stab resistant vest to protect you from edged assault. You wear the vest under your clothing, and it protects your chest, back and sides from sharp-tipped objects like knives and hypodermic needs. The vest inhibits the penetration of the object once it gets to a few centimetres deep. Nevertheless, these vests cannot protect you from ballistic weapons like bullets. You need a bulletproof vest for that purpose.

Interestingly, every body armor serves different purposes. For instance, some armor are made to protect a person from edged blade or stab assault. Therefore, even when an assailant attacks with a stabbing object, the impact does not reach your body because of the protective clothing. Other armor are made to protect the body from bullets. You will find that a bullet proof vest is not suitable for protecting you from edged assault, but it can protect you from bullets. Therefore, when choosing your armor, it is important to consider what you need. If you need protection from both ballistic and stab assaults, then you can get a vest that serves both purposes.

Features of Stab Resistant Vests

Importantly, the anti-stab vest provides the ultimate protection to the torso. The stab resistant armor contains special stab resistant material fitted within the body armor. The fitting protects you from blunt force trauma caused by the sharp objects.

The vests are light in weight, and weight depends on the specific features of the vest. The weight can vary from 1 to 3 kilograms. Furthermore, the body armor clothing is water resistant and it is resistant, to abrasion and tear. It is worth noting that most anti-knife armor are durable, and when you buy a vest, you can wear it for a long period before you replace it.

People Who Require a Stab Resistant Vest

Mostly, people who deal with potentially aggressive individuals, for instance, drug users and dealers can wear the vests. In addition, people who deal with aggressive public require the vest for body protection. Prison guards require the vests in order to protect themselves from the prisoners because the inmates tend to have aggressive behavior, and they can use any weapon to inflict injury on the officers.

Use Knife-Proof Vests

Secondly, people who operate in volatile areas, which has high criminal rate should have the stab resistant armor. You will find high criminal activities in these areas like drug peddling, alcohol abuse, and petty thefts. Most importantly, the assailants in these areas who stab people are petty thieves. Moreover, a person who works alone and interacts with frustrated customers should have stab-resistant body armor. A good example is the bouncers and customs officials. Knife proof vests can come only with knife proof protection or also with bullet proof protection, knife-proof protection is different material than bulletproof protection, some vests can have one of them, and some vest can have both, make you sure you read the label for the vest protection rating before you use it.


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