Fobus Pistol Roto Holster and Magazine Pouches

Fobus manufacturer pistol holsters and magazine pouches from 1978 in Israel. Fobus is a manufacturer polymer holsters for handguns. With storage and passive movements are taken quickly; holsters made by Fobus are made from polymer high density, curved for maximum comfort, light weight, battle tested and extremely durable. Fobus propose today a variety of 140 models holster different, for right and left hand, fitting hundreds of different pistols and revolvers, with options taken all possible inside waistband has, paddle/belt fixed and rotating and attachments MOLLE.

Fobus Paddle Holster

The Fobus standard paddle holster series is a step forward in holster design and technology and works perfectly for people new to concealed carry or those interested in shooting competition. These concealed holsters can be applied and removed without taking off your belt and keeps a low profile while having great retention. Fobus main pistol holsters made from high-density polymer and provides a comfortable allow concealed carry.

Fobus invention holsters provides a safety holster for the handgun is that the guard that covers the trigger housing is deep enough so as to prevent accidental trigger pull. Most gun owners they have sidearms will appreciate this safety option. Location of the thumb release is positioned this way to allow a natural draw, so the user won’t have to worry about get used it its sidearm holster.

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