Fab Defense Israeli Made Gun Accessories and Parts as KPOS

Fab-Defence develops and produces the highest quality, cutting-edge firearm accessories as Picatinny rails, grips (as pistol grips), buttstock and other gun accessories as KPOS conversion system. This gun parts and gun accessories have been leading position to supply for military and police in the state-owned of Israeli police and for IDF army. The research & development department of Fab-Defence works in partnership with different special forces like SWAT meet the global challenges, dynamicity and no-nonsense solutions to increase the power of the creative design work.

Fab superior ergonomics products, performance and stability; continuous improvement reflects decades of experience in design through consecutive inventions of weapon and its related rifle accessories.

State-of-the-art engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance system where they produce products that exceed even the most rigorous manufacturing standards and leading technologies are integrated with this technologies. All of their products are meticulously tactical and tasted under strong unit, which is the best in the world in some of the harshest environments. First and foremost aim of this company is the quality of unique manufacturing standard which leading the way for tactical accessories, and this operations are controlled by the operational field experience.

The prime objective of Fab-Defence is that they are offering a favourable safety and operational readiness for protecting their own house, Israel and customers with the necessary tools to carry out their mission, law enforcement and military personnel are also provided by Fab-Defence.

Product Made by Fab-Defence

Fab-Defence produces every single product to be used in defence sector. Very popular PDW (personal defense weapon) kit is the KPOS and KPOS G2 carbine conversion kit. Also very famous product is the bipod-foregrip T-POD. Fab makes grips, rails and butt-stocks and other products, their manufacture line is designed by specialised team to improve gun usage. Most of the products are made of piece Mil-Spec durable lightweight polymer composite. The quality of the most products endurable Fab-Defence brings to the pinnacles integrated innovation in sync with phenomenon operational tactical experience all in one. All of their gun accessories were designed after extensive field testing, including real time operational feedback from some of the world best tactical military and police units in the world, which also leading the most advantages tactical firearm accessory products available on the market.

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