Essential Facts about Bulletproof Vests

Bullet Proof Vest Facts

If you are employed for law enforcement as Police and SWAT, the private security industry, or are in the military, then you must truly protect yourself by wearing a bullet proof vest. Certainly you would like to be able to continue working your job, while being safe and well for yourself and your family; therefore, body armor is necessary since it is designed to stop a bullet from penetrating your body and causing great harm. Here are a few relevant fact that you need to know when considering selecting a bullet proof vest.

Manufacture Body Armor

Various types of materials are used in modern bullet proof vests. Kevlar is the more widely used and most popular product that has been offering protection for many years as other aramid materials. This method uses Kevlar thread that is spun into a yarn that is used to make cloth for bullet proof products. The Kevlar cloth is layered in such a way to make a Kevlar vest. A newer material called Spectra Shield is made by lining Spectra fibers into parallel rows and after one layer is set down another layer of Spectra running perpendicular to the first layer is glued on top with a specialized resin.

Concealable Vest vs. Tactical Vest

If you are required to wear a bullet proof vest that is hidden under your clothes in your work situation, these concealable vests provide enough protection from small to medium caliber bullets. However, is you require a heavier-duty option, then tactical bodyarmor, which is worn over clothing can protect you from small, medium, and large caliber rifle bullets.

Size Chart

It is critical to ensure that your body armor fits you securely. If your bulletproof vest is oversized then it may be bulky and restrict your free movement, also it may leave gaps that open places where bullets can enter and harm you. Many manufactures make standard sized vests and you should certainly be sure that your vest is comfortably fitted for you.

Bulletproof Vest Rating

NIJ specifications rating I, IIA, II, IIIA, III and IV are the standardized ratings that bulletproof vests come with. These ratings describe the type of bullets that each will stop. Vests rated as type III (3) and type IV (4) are suitable to defend against rifle bullets and they use armor plates. Any bullet proof vest that you purchase should clearly state what its rating is and if it does not then it is not advisable to purchase it. These helpful facts are things that you should consider if you are purchasing a bullet proof vest. You will truly purchase the right one for your situation if you consider the size, rating, materials, and style of vest that meets your needs.

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