Bulletproof Clothing Products and Bags

Bulletproof Clothing and Bags

Having the proper defensive equipment to safeguard your personal safety can mean the difference in life and death. No one really knows when calamity or tragedy will strike and you do not want to experience adversity if you are not completely protected. Many people have jobs where they are at risk and need a reassuring level of protection, if you meet these criteria then you should consider the many varieties of bulletproof and other protective products that are on the market. If you purchase body armor, it may be worn either over or under your clothing. The level of protect that your body armor offer varies by NIJ rating and some type protect from both small arms calibers as well as from rifle bullets. As well, there are many additional products that are great for everyday use, but that also can protect you from arms fire.

Bulletproof Bags

Many business people who do not want to necessarily want to wear a bullet proof vest may opt to purchase bags or briefcases that provide bulletproof protection. These bags will shield these consumers at a Type IIIA (3A) rating, effectively protecting them from low velocity calibers such as .22, .38, .357 Mag., 9mm, .40 and .44 Mag. calibers. When tragedy strikes and you are caught in a dangerous situation, bulletproof bags open up to provide protection from stray bullets. Bulletproof briefcase open to an extension of 180 degrees, this will allow you to shield yourself by holding the top and bottom of the bag. Certain models of bullet proof bags can open up so that they can shield your entire body from head to toe.

Typically, bullet proof bags are made from Kevlar material; this is accomplished by a special yarn-thread, which is woven into the product creating a protective cloth layer. This protective cloth is cut and layered into the shape of the product. Other specially designed bullet proof materials, like Spectra Shield, may also be used in some body armor products.

Bulletproof Clothing

Various protective clothing designers have produced lines of bullet proof clothing options as concealed bulletproof vest with those persons in mind who do not wish to wear traditional body armor. Such clothing providers have fabricated bulletproof jackets that have similar bulletproof properties as the bags mentioned previously. This sort of apparel have the feature of letting out to cover the whole body and option to add armor plates, which can be added to increase the protective rating if needed in your situation. One should consider buying protective gear since we never know when violence or tragedy will strike, you should carefully assess what you needs are. Bulletproof merchandise can provide worthwhile protection as well as look discrete and you do not necessarily have to wear conventional bodyarmor in order to be safe.

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