Understanding Bulletproof Vest Type I Rating

Bulletproof Vest with Lower Rating

Bullt proof vests provide protection to those who wear them up to their rating. Those who are concerned about wearing body armor that is the correct rating to provide them protection should understand that a type 1 rating entails.

Lower Rated Bullet Proof Vests

The rating system for bullet proof vests was set by the national Institute of Justice and explains the levels of protection granted by particular vests. Every bullet proof vest manufacturer is required to have their vests tested and rated to ensure that they comply with the rating standard. Type I (1) vests are usually comparatively thin and light weight and are consider to be the lowest level of protection that any law enforcement officer should wear. Type I (1) vests can stop the following bullets:

  • .22LR – A long rifle lead round nose bullet with a caliber of .22 impacting at a minimum velocity of 1050 feet per second, with a nominal mass of 40 gr.
  • .380ACP – A full metal jacket round nose bullet with a caliber of .380 impacting at a minimum velocity of 1025 feet per second, with a nominal mass of 95 gr.

NIJ Type I vests are not usually worn these days since they may not provide ample protection from common handgun calibers that criminals may carry these days. Vests with higher ratings will provide greater protection against higher calibers of handguns.

Best Bulletproof Vest

When choosing to purchase bodyarmor, you should carefully consider several factors and do research to find out what the proper vest for your situation would be. You may find that the highest rated vests may not meet your needs due to their heavy weight. So, you should bear in mind the following points as you shop for the correct vest for you:

  • Choose a vest having a rating that corresponds to the kind of firearm you currently carry
  • Ensure that the vest fits your well
  • When shopping for body armor, ensure the label on the inside of the vest clearly shows the rating from the National Institute of Justice
  • Decide if you desire a concealable vs. a tactical bulletproof vest

If you are purchasing the bullet proof vest to wear every day, then you should ensure that you are comfortable and have confidence with your chosen model. Not all bullet proof vest manufacturers are alike and it is advisable to consult your co-workers and colleagues in order to get information about what brands they have and how they work for them.

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